the torch Spring 2015, Issue 1 - Page 17

F papil loma vir us (HPV). In fact, the therapeutic vaccine developed for HPV is the first vaccine from this BIIR-developed platform of technologies to be produced for potential use in patients. The Scott & W hite Healthcare C a nc er R e se a rc h Institute in Temple, Texas, has a facility capable of manufacCourtesy of Rockefeller University turing the HPV vacDendritic cell cine for clinical trials and will produce the vaccine over the next year. BIIR is currently in the preclinical phase of manufacturing and safety testing in animal models. Following the successful completion of that phase, plans are to conduct a clinical trial of approximately 20 to 30 patients in 2016. Baylor Health Care System Foundation provides hands-on opportunities for philanthropic leaders to be involved in health care initiatives that are changing North Texas and the world today. By contributing to the Foundation, our donors support the discovery of preventive and therapeutic treatments that have the opportunity to save lives, now and in the future. C U S O N R E S E A R C H “If these therapeutic vaccines work, they will be a significant advance in the treatment of HIV. ... We have more research to do before these vaccines move into standard patient care, but we’re all very excited by the potential that they offer.” – Dr. L ouis Sloan For more information on research initiatives at Baylor, contact Sarah Burdi at 214.820.4721 or 19 17