The Sword January/February - Page 2

Student of the Month

February is National Dental Health Month!

Lifelong habits begin at home. Make dental health part of your daily routine an share these reminders with your whole family:

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, especially after breakfast and before bedtime. Drinking water after eating also helps to clear your teeth of food particles.

Floss every day.

Visit a dentist regularly for a routine check-up and a cleaning.

Protect your teeth by wearing a mouth guard when playing sports.

Don’t forget to change your tooth brush regularly, and after an illness.

Sweet snack facts:

Eating a lot of snacks with sugar may cause cavities.

Every time you eat sugar, plaque in your mouth mixes with the sugar to make acid. The acid hurts the teeth and causes decay over time. This can be painful!

The school nurse can help you find a dental home for your family!

Nurse's Note

Back row is Payton Wandrey, Hannah Field, Sadie Peel, and Ashley Lewis. The front row is Molly Greene Sean Martin, Brandon Woolridge, and Kili Alexander.

Math-Molly Greene:” Mr.Hays is a great teacher. I appreciate his helpfulness with not just me but other students as well.”

Guidance-Sadie Peel: “I’m thankful for all the opportunities this school has provided me and all the support I receive from teachers.”

Science-Hanna Field: “Ms.El-Kurbu inspired a huge amount of students to stay positive and be confident in themselves and their abilities. This shows just how significant the impact a teacher can have on the lives of students. She’s an awesome person and an awesome teacher!”