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December 2016

Volume 4

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12.21.16Early Out

12.22.16Christmas Break

01.04.17 Students return

As we think about the importance of December, let’s think of it in terms of academic success. First semester report cards will come out the week of January 4th. Congratulations to all students and parents on another semester completed and another step towards your graduation goals. If this semester was not as successful as you would have hoped and your student needs to make up credits to get back on track to graduate, we have student assistance programs here at Moberly High School. If you have a student who is a 9-12th grader and behind in credit, please see their counselor for support in the counseling office ASAP or call 660-269-2660. As for everyone else, this is the time to reflect on the last semester, stay focused and make good decisions.

As our first semester comes to a close, the Moberly High School staff will be talking with students about choices. Choices seniors will be making about post-graduation plans; choices for students as we start another athletic season; choices/celebrations for students who have reached their goals and choices for students in need of assistance.

Earning the right to call ourselves a great school requires a continuous determination and commitment to see all students, regardless of who they are and how they come to us, leave us better prepared to meet the next set of life’s challenges. Our commitment must also include the development of curiosity and character that will prime them not only for personal success, but for productive and compassionate citizenship as well. This is a charge we share as a school and a community.

Please continue to be involved in your student’s academic life and join us at our various events at MHS. Thank you to all the students, staff and families who have joined us at our concerts, games, events etc. Throughout this first semester we truly appreciate your support and time. Moberly High School is a better place because of your participation and support. MHS is a community high school and we are open to your suggestions and ideas. Please come see us anytime.

Yours in Education,

Zach McMains