The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 8

EXCLUSIVE WHAT WILL DRIVE HEALTHCARE IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM With rumours swirling about a crisis, here's why opportunity is king By Corey Jahnke RPH The millennium is only 18 1/2 years old, and here's what we know, the days of healthcare authoritarianism are gone  for good and we have entered a time of collaboration or perish. Once upon a time, medicine was simple. Old "Doc Potter" came to the house, gave us comfort and concern, we gave him our complete trust, and we paid him with whatever we could.  In 2018, medicine is anything but simple. The relentless drift of events has created a complex and often overwhelming series of expectations on the part of patients, providers, and payers.  In years gone by, we were grateful for our blessings, but in the modern world, our blessings are more of an entitlement that is not reasonably sustainable.  The stakes are high and getting higher.