The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 65

Ultimately, although it was difficult for Jim to say no to certain activities and requests from others, the more he began to implement the 7 strategic planning steps that I showed him, the more he got to put his time into the activities he enjoyed most; spending time with his son, working on his non-profit, and golf. "You have to always remember my friend that time is really the only resource you cannot get back. You can always earn more money, but once a day is gone, it is gone forever." I told him. "Wise people guard their time as  though it were priceless, because it is." "How do you get past feeling guilty or selfish?" he asked with pain in his eyes. "VISUALIZATION!!" I said sternly. "Ummm?!?" her muttered with his eyes wide open with confusion. "Create a solid image in your mind of the people you want to help and the things you need to accomplish in order to help or be with those people." I began with confidence. I had been there. "And, it is super important to understand that taking time to practice self-care and to do things that rejuvenate you is an important part of helping them." "You mean me spending time on the golf  course is actually good for others?!?" he asked jokingly. "No joke! It is IMPERATIVE that you make it a priority to do those activities that bring out the best in you for you, so that you can be your best self for the people and causes that you care about." As the weeks went by, I noticed a significant change in Jim. He was happier, healthier, AND more productive in all of his endeavors.  "Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness." Sigmund Freud