The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 64

THE 7 STEPS SUMMARIZED BLOCK TIME When we get behind, we scramble. To avoid scrambling high performers set aside 2 to 3 blocks of uninterrupted time everyday to work on their highest priority tasks. They lock their door, turn off their phones, and work single mindedly on their highest priority task. SIMPLIFY "The greatest misuse of time is to do something very well that need not be done at all. What are you doing that you could pay someone else to do or simply take off your list altogether? The fewer commitments we make, the easier it is to focus on the activities that are left. CHOOSE WISELY Human beings make emotional decisions and then try to justify those decisions intellectually. Whenever, a new opportunity is proposed, refuse to make a rushed decision. If an immediate decision is required, PASS. There will always be another opportunity to invest your time and energy. Do that only on YOUR terms. Take charge of your emotions. OFFLINE TOOLS A good old fashioned notebook, calendar, or schedule book can make your life much less stressful because there is magic to be found in putting pen to paper and feeling in control. ONLINE TOOLS Many online tools like Trello or TimeTrade can act as virtual assistants and easily keep you on track for very small fees. Taking some time to investigate your options may save you tons of time down the road. UNPLUG Distraction is the major time and energy thief in the 21st century. Turn off all of your electronic devices except those that you truly need to accomplish a given task. Only check emails twice each day. AND, take a couple of days each month to completely go screen free to rejuvenate you mind. PRIORITIZE Always work from a list. Write down all of the things on your "To \[][H[ܙ\HUSQQHӑBUS[ܚۈ[HXܙ[Kܚۈ[\[[\ܝ[\™\ [[ۛH[[Bۋ]][\ˈ[Y[X\[Z[H[YH[[H[YHTH][ ۉ\[K