The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 63

At First Jim Resisted Scheduling, But Before Long, He Was HOOKED! When met four days later for coffee, Jim was extremely skeptical. He truly believed that it was his life that was out of control, not his decision making process. As soon as we turned that around, his life improved dramatically. It was like a night and day difference. You would have thought that I had set a bomb down in front of him, but when Jim first sat down, I handed him a 5X7 planner that resembled a small notebook. He just kind of groaned, and when I asked him what that was about, he mentioned that all of the people he knew that used "those things" were extremely stiff and stuffy.  "Are they successful?" I asked. "I guess. I know that they seem to have everything that they want, but..." "But you like saying YES to everyone and everything?" I finished for him. "Well, I like to help people..." "What about the causes you told me that you believe in?"  "I don't get much chance to work on those..." he told me with a frown. After a long pause, he asked with his head down "Well, how do YOU do it?" "You mentioned last week how lucky I was to work full time AND publish a magazine, right? Well, here's one thing you may not have noticed, other than working out and spending time with my family, I don't do anything else. I've had to say NO to a great many things, but I believe that my magazine can and will help thousands of people live better and that drives every decision I make." "Here's the problem with time management" I began. "There is no such thing. THERE IS ONLY DECISION MANAGEMENT and saying YES to one thing is saying NO to everything else. You cannot do everything, so it is up to you to CHOOSE where you want to "I never thought of it like that." I laid out put your time and energy-WHO you my seven step program for taking truly want to help." I said directly. charge of my schedule.