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Following Your Passion: Requires Strategic Planning WRITTEN BY Corey W. Jahnke, RPh Jim didn't like the idea of "strategically planning out his schedule" because he mistakenly believed that he was a "free and easy dude" and that scheduling his life would cause him to be stiff and rigid, confining his freedom and blocking his spontaneity and creativity. He soon learned that the exact opposite was true. "Obstacles are those frightful things we see when we take our eyes off of our goals." Henry Ford When Jim first came to me, he was frustrated beyond belief. "I've got all these dreams and goals, but I can't seem to get anything accomplished. You're lucky that you don't have all these commitments so that you CAN work full time AND publish HPH Magazine." he said with a  matter of factness that indicated to me that he believed that what he had just said was the gospel truth and not just a limiting belief in disguise. "Can I see your planner?" I asked, I expected him to have some sort of calendar system handy. He did not. "Well, I don't like to write things down, I like to go with the flow" he responded as if that was a good thing. "Let me guess" I began with a smile. "Before you know it, 'the flow' turns into a raging tide that sweeps your entire day out to sea." "Well, now that you mention it..." "Jim, that 'luck' you mentioned was really me spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours going to productivity seminars and taking courses that have helped me to get my schedule back and take control of my own life." I told him sternly. "If you want help getting YOUR life back, I can help you, so let's make an appointment to sit down and hammer this thing out."