The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 6

T From The Editor Corey Jahnke RPh HE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE IS... essentially set up to be the same as healthcare has ALWAYS been-OPPORTUNITY MIXED WITH DIFFICULTY. This is an exciting time for medicine. Technological advances in many areas have set the stage for an unprecedented upswing in longevity and quality of life. We now have the ability to truly understand disease at a chromosomal level. We have tools to diagnose and cure that once seemed like something out of a Jules Verne novel. Every single day, advances are being made at an exponentially increasing pace. The opportunities available in healthcare today simply stagger the imagination. However, the difficulties are also expanding at an alarming rate. Technology can only take us as far as the people who are able to implement them, and we are burning people out faster than ever before. The future of healthcare is strategic planning backed by collaboration among all of the players from physician to patient to payers to researchers and back again. Now more than ever before, we have a responsibility to look out at our horizons and examine why we must, and how we can, create an environment of care in which everyone has a conscious understanding of the role they play as well as the importance of their contribution. Here's To An AMAZING future!! J y e Cor