The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 53

Research suggests that the human mind only has so much willpower and that when we are under constant stress and struggle, that willpower fades quickly.

As a result, there is a tremendous correlation between planning and successful weight control.

When we get stressed, our emotions override our intellect and we make choices designed to satisfy those emotions. Studies say that if we make food choices in advance of these stressful situations, we will tend to remain consistent with better, more healthier choices.

In other words, once a decision has already been made, we are more likely to sick with that decision, but if we force ourselves to make choices when we are stressed, fatigued, or over emotional, our choices are likely to be inconsistent with our goals of maintaining proper diet.

Essentially, if we recognize that our ability to control our emotions diminishes at the end of the day, we are likely to be proud of ourselves and cement the footings for the development of positive habits going forward.

We are what we repeatedly do, so if we make the habit of scrambling we will scramble. However, cultivating the habit of preplanned meal production will also become a reliable behavior, we will be less hungry throughout the day, and more emotional stable because our emotions tend to fluctuate with our blood sugar and hunger levels.

"Hangry" is not as much of a joke as our culture would like to believe.