The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 47

But There Is GOOD News...

There are solutions, and they ARE viable, but it will take healthcare administration, payers, leadership, physicians, clinicians, and the public to demand these solutions be implemented in order to create positive change.


Less Clinician Hours

No more than 40 hours per week should be worked by physicians and clinicians.

Physicians and clinicians are working too many hours, which is cutting down on their ability to enjoy other parts of life, or simply rest and relax.



More Admin Help

Medical directives can help non-physicians to review and document patient information. Designated clinicians to review discharge reports and lab reports, to free up the physicians to spend more time with patients will go a long way to a better healthcare system.

Efficient Systems

EMR systems that are designed to match the workflow of the individual physician.

Software designers can make miracles happen if given the opportunity.

Perhaps an APP based design could change the face of healthcare.