The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 46

The Causes Of Provider Burnout Include...

Electronic Documentation

Physicians now have to type in medical notes, review labs that come in electronically, hospital discharge reports, etc. These reports came in before, but before the fax machine it was phone calls or the mail, if there was an issue with a patient.

Electronic Health Systems/ Records

Physicians work flows are different, and I have yet to see an EMR that matches the flow of how physicians or clinicians work. Even with open source and customizable modules, the way clinicians work and think are not in alignment with EMRs, and this has been a HUGE contributor to the burnout issue we are seeing.

Healthcare Cuts and System Mergers

As with many industries, physicians and clinicians are working within smaller teams. This creates work overload, and with the upcoming Silver Tsunami that is coming (by 2036, the population over age 65 will double, and over age 90 will triple), the healthcare system needs MORE clinicians and support people, not less.

Not Enough Admin Help & Too Many Hours

Physicians are being tasked to document more, review more, which is cutting into patient facing time as a result, clinicians are burning the candle at both ends, and this will impact their ability to provide quality care, because they are simply burned out and tired.