The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 42

THE FREEDOM OF AWARENESS Once you have made an honest what the ego fails to take into assessment of the role that your account is that what constitutes ego plays in your decision "success" has changed making process , you no longer dramatically over the years and is have to let let it run the show . still changing at an ever increasing You can now begin to release rate. Now that you are on to your yourself from the bonds that it ego's tricks, you are free to has on you . The human ego is a examine the whats and whys of sneaky little control freak who how you do things, to let go of wants to make you popular and your ego, and to make different successful . That is good , but decisions if you so choose.   DETACH Removing the ego from your decision making process decreases stress and increases a feeling of peace, joy, and personal wellbeing.