The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 35

What Is Resilience? In the library technical sense, "resilience" is the ability to overcome hardship or adversity especially when you feel that the odds are stacked against you. In order to cultivate effective resilience, you must be willing to reexamine what you view as truth and constantly question your negative or "disempowering beliefs". Disempowering beliefs are "truths" that you cling to to help you guide yourself in your understanding of what is possible for you. When you believe you can overcome difficulties you usually can. However, when the obstacles appear too great, or you believe that you are helpless, the situation becomes overwhelming and you shut down in the face of adversity. QUESTIONING YOUR BELIEFS Here's the problem. You have no limitations! You really don't., except of course for the limitations that you have placed upon yourself. I mean, everything that has ever been accomplished in the world we live in has been accomplished by someone exactly like you. Author/speaker Napoleon Hill stated in his landmark book "Think And Grow Rich' that he personally knew Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and that they were no different from any other man or woman that he had ever met, except that they had developed the habit of persisting in the face of adversity. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, why not YOU? The key question for anyone to ask themselves is, "If someone like Henry Ford or Thomas Edison could develop the habit of persisting in the face of repetitive failure, why can't I?" Resilience essentially says, "I am going to stop giving in to failure and fear, and start living in the habit of hope and determination".  Most people are busy thinking in terms of, "What if I fail?" or,   "What if I can't?" Well, I am here to tell you that don't or won't is the same as can't except that in your lifetime there will come a day when you will ask yourself why you didn't even try. As a community pharmacist I have had dozens of eighty something customers tell me that if they had their lives to live over again, they would take every chance and break every rule because looking back, it had occurred to them that they could have made things happen if they had refused to give in to fear.