The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 30

PRESERVE YOUR NUMBER #1 ASSET "So what is it all about?" Darcy continued to press on why self-care is so important. "It is about taking your eyes off of the moment and looking out into the future so that you can actually create the life you really wish to live.  Many people get stuck in the habit of fire-fighting and stressing over the struggles of the moment. Those who wish to really enjoy life make a strategic plan to reach a future that they get to live by their own design because they took care of their health, their assets, and their relationships along the way. Those who are content to leave things up to fate, will always pay the price." "WOW! It sounds like you have learned from your experiences." she said with a smile. I smiled back and said happily, "It will have been worth it if people like you learn from my experiences as well!"