The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 28

MAINTENANCE -  ITS NOT JUST FOR CARS !   You. You yourself are a precious resource, and like any other precious resource, you must constantly look for ways to scale your impact, preserve, even increase, your value, and make sure that your time, energy, and ability to sustain your ability to earn an income is first and foremost in your mind. "When I was your age, I never gave a thought to my future ability, or possible inability, to earn an income. Consequently, I didn't work very hard to preserve myself and my health. I have been lucky, because along the way, others have shown me that my most important assets are my ability to earn an income and my capacity to enjoy an amazing quality of life. "Without quality mentors and guides along the way, I  would have let everything that matters to me slip into the abyss. In other words, I got on the right track before it was too late, but what if YOU got on the right track, right from the beginning?"  "Meaning?!?" she wondered aloud with a tone of deep curiosity in her voice. "Meaning that no one ever told me about self-care when I was your age. but if they had..." Issue 27 | 234