The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 26

SUCCESS STORY why the future is ours to mold THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT The new millennium is only 18 years old and we have already seen that treating healthcare as an entitlement is burning out our providers and caregivers, increasing regulation, AND restricting access to countless millions worldwide. It is time everyone joins in the discussion and treats healthcare as a precious resource that needs to be studied and improved from every angle. For YOU to persist, you must treat your health and your ability to perform your work as a microcosm of the healthcare system in general. As my conversation with Darcy unfolded, I told her that I had recently read a study which reported that as many as 5 out 10 Americans were forced to retire as much as 5 years earlier than they had originally planned due to health related issues. No one ever told me that I wouldn't be 27 years old forever... IF YOU PREPARE What this means is that not only are these people forced to sit on the sidelines during their peak earning and saving years, they were also giving a disproportionate amount of the savings that they did have to pay for medical expenses. OUCH!! "Retirement?" Darcy exclaimed. "I'm only 27!! Why bring retirement into it?" she asked with startled amazement. "Because nobody ever told me that I wouldn't be 27 forever!!" I answered boldly as she looked back in shock. "Did you ever hear the phrase 'If I had known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself?' " I asked her, curious to hear her response.