The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 21

Johnson Health Center's Strategic Initiatives

1) Future Orientation-JHC is committed to change and developing change leaders who develop and grow other leaders while making sure that their core values remain solidly in place and creating a great experience for patient and staff alike EVERY time.

2) Developing And Maintaining A Culture Of Inclusion-At JHC, every employee is taught to believe that they belong to a team who cares about them and their future development in and out of work.

3) Community Partnerships-Johnson Health Center and it's team members do not simply live in their community they see themselves as integral to the success of the community as a whole. Lynchburg, VA has been voted one of the top 10 happiest, healthiest communities and Johnson Health Center is committed to seeing that Lynchburg remains prosperous.

4) Building Credibility And Partnerships-Johnson Health Center understands that a reputation for excellence is something that is earned one day, one partnership, and one connection at a time. Community wellness is extremely important to the leadership at Johnson and will always be.

5) Innovative Teaching Opportunities-JHC partners with technical schools and local universities to ensure that the future of healthcare education is strong and patient centered. Great providers begin with great education and Johnson insists that their providers have a super strong knowledge base.