The Successful Thinker The Future Of Healthcare - Page 13

What Winners Are Doing 1 2 3 COLLABORATING PRACTACING SELF CARE INNOVATING What most people miss is that patient compliance is not as much of a disinterest in their own care issue as it is a comprehension issue. As a community pharmacist for 25 years, I have heard countless times from patients that they simply don't understand what their provider expects them to do. The more we establish ourselves as emotionally intelligent connectors, the more we can improve outcome by collaborating with patients and co-providers through increased understanding and buy in. The greatest problem facing medicine today is the health of our healthcare community. Most healthcare professionals are working through some level of burnout, fatigue, or exhaustion. Put simply, they are struggling to survive themselves. How can we ever hope to improve patient outcomes if we ourselves can barely show up for workouts, family gatherings, and physical examinations. It is truly important that we as providers and administrators seek new incentives for practicing comprehensive self care and lead our patients and colleagues by example.   Part of the problem is that we as healthcare professionals have largely stayed out of the discussion when it comes to fixing our own industry. Leaving things for outside players such as politicians and lawye ^[\B\ۉܚY[[]\ܚˈB]\YZܛHYX]H؛[B[[][]HH[\]HYZ[\ۈXX\ [H[\[Y[]YXœ][ۜ[[ݘ][ۜ\ۂXX\[[]\XYY\˜[ܚ\[Y H[ܙX]BHܛ[[وX[ܛ[]X]]\]XX[Hܚ[\ݙB]\٘X[ۈ܈]\[ۙK'ۘH[H[H\[[]\[[\[[[B[[\ݙH]Y[[ݚY\]Y\‘SRQRSPSTB[H[\\KY]H\X][ZYX][ۂ[[[]\][ۋӈSRQPUSӂUSPSTPSSUTԂPQUSHSSTՑTTPSHSPRTQQPSHSӈSSUTUSӂSшHSQKUQSӉSBSTSӑTHӔTUQSTSSHQHHUUHUTKPRHUSTЂHSOPQSHTHTSTSSSUUSˈSHSUBUTSUԈSOˆ[H[]H]\][[H[Y[B\[[Y\[H]]^B[ 00YY\