The Subregion C Chronicle September/October 2015 - Page 7

            Update from the Indiana District: Hello Sub C! The Indiana District is working hard on some pretty AMAZING stuff for this fall in CKI. Check out below for more information on events and district goals J District Goals Toal Service Hours: 7500 Total District Membership: 700 Total New Clubs Chartered: 3 Total CKI Interclubs: 60 Total K-Family Interclubs: 70 MDEC Attendance: 75 Special Olympics Fundraising: $2000 Fall Semester District Events Fall Service Kick Off (FSKO): September 19th at Children's TherAply in Carmel, Indiana. This event is a one-day service and fellowship event for all CKI members or even potential members! Membership Development & Education Conference (MDEC): November 13-14 at Camp Allendale in Trafalgar, Indiana. This event is two days. This is most of INCKI's favorite event of the year! We perform service for the camp, learn more about CKI, and even have a Mr. and Mrs. INCKI competition! Feel free to contact Governor Shayna Cole ( if you would like to visit Indiana at one of these events J