The Subregion C Chronicle September/October 2015 - Page 6

        Update from the Michigan District:   Hi!  My  name  is  Steven  McCarty  and  I  have  the  honor   of  serving  as  the  Governor  of  the  Mighty  Michigan   District  of  Circle  K  for  the  2015-­‐2016  year.  We  have   had  a  busy  summer  with  board  meetings,  CKIx,   Kiwanis  meetings,  and  planning  for  Fall  recruitment   and  club  building.  Our  goals  for  the  2015-­‐2016  year   are  incredibly  ambitious—adding  100  members  to   the  district  and  building  4  new  clubs  is  no  easy  task.   Our  club  building  committee  has  been  hard  at  work   counseling  clubs  for  recruitment  and  working  with   Kiwanis  clubs  on  sponsorship.  Their  hard  work  has   paid  off  as  we  just  released  a  club  building  handbook   designed  to  help  club  leadership  build  and  grow  their   membership.  This  committee  is  also  working  on   chartering  Circle  K  chapters  at  nine  schools!  Other  committees  have  been  hard  at   work  as  well.  Our  technology  committee  launched  an  entirely  new  and  upgraded   website,  our  Kiwanis  Family  Committee  hosted  the  first  annual  Kiwanis  Family   Picnic,  our  Events  Planning  Committee  has  all  the  details  of  our  Fall  Rally  planned,   and  our  Service  committee  is  working  hard  to  increase  the  amount  of  service  we  do   as  a  district  while  working  to  reflect  on  its  meaning.  Without  the  hard  work  of  our   district  committees  and  leadership,  these  accomplishments  would  not  be  possible.   Our  success  in  the  upcoming  year  is  largely  based  on  our  fervent  base  of   membership  and  those  leaders  willing  to  ignite  the  change  and  passion  for  service   the  Michigan  District  needs  to  grow.     The  Fall  semester  is  going  to  be  busy!  We  have  almost  two  inter-­‐clubs  planned  every     month.  These  range  from  picnics,  to  haunted  houses,  and  cider  mills.  We  are     participating  in  the  first  ever  Kiwanis  Family  week  in  conjunction  with  the  Michigan     District  of  Key  Club.  Not  to  mention,  our  District  events—Fall  Rally  and  Snowpia.  Get     ready  to  get  in  the  game  of  service  with  our  Mario  Party  themed  fun  weekend  of     leadership,  fellowship,  and  service.  The  event  is  October  2-­‐4,  2015  in  Howell     Michigan.  If  you  can’t  make  it  for  the  entire  weekend,  I  would  suggest  our  large  scale     service/social  event  called  Snowpia.  Join  us  for  a  day  of  service  and  fellowship  on     November  7th,  2015  hosted  by  Oakland  University.     If  you  have  any  questions,  feel  free  to  contact  me!  We  would  love  to  hear  from  you     or  see  you  at  our  events!     Yours  in  service,     Steven  McCarty