The Subregion C Chronicle September/October 2015 - Page 4

  A message from your… International Vice President Hello my lovely handspooners! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jessica Davis and I am this year’s International Vice President. I am from the Indiana District and I have been in CKI for 3 years going on 4 now. Currently, I am going to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) for my Master’s of Public Affairs in both policy analysis and public management. I also have a BA of public affairs in legal studies, AA in political science, and a certificate in civic engagement and public advocacy. As you can tell I enjoy being involved in my community whether it is through CKI or through my studies and personal time spent in my community. Outside of CKI and school you’ll probably find me at work. I have two jobs; one as a Graduate Assistant for Community Service and Civic Engagement and the other as a dispatcher at an alarm company. As a graduate assistant I get to advise two groups of about 25 scholars total for alternative break and local civic engagement and leadership activities. I also plan two of our campus wide days of service which have about 500 volunteers per event. Otherwise you’ll probably find me just hanging out with friends and family or watching netflix. This year I am really excited about CKI events. While I do not personally have to plan entire events, I do get to travel to see what you all are doing! Between Racheile and myself it is our goal to visit every district this year! The great thing about Sub-C is that it is a lot easier to travel to distance-wise and for us to travel together! So if you haven’t told us about your events yet, INVITE US! We want to come and meet you all. I recently got back from DACA DCON which was in Manizales, Colombia, South America. I had an amazing time. Other events for September-November I have coming up that I am looking forward to are September 19th-INCKI Fall Service Kick Off October 3-4: MICKI Fall Rally October 9-11: WUM Membership Awareness Conference October 16: Open weekend (invite me to something!) October 23-25: Capital District Fall Membership Rally November 6-7: Georgia District Fall Membership Retreat November 13-14: INCKI Membership Development Conference It should be an exciting CKI year! I look forward to meeting you all. Please subscribe to my CKI Weekly if you haven’t already! Peace, Love, and Service. -Jessica Davis, IVP