The State Bar Association of North Dakota Fall 2015 Gavel Magazine - Page 4

SBAND PRESIDENT STRIVING FOR BALANCE JOSEPH WETCH SBAND President Work-life balance. Three words that seem so easily accessible. But in truth, it is very difficult to find a balance in life. There are many experts on the subject who speak at CLEs across the country. A simple internet search for “work-life balance” brings up many articles. I don’t profess to be an expert in this area, nor do I profess that I have somehow achieved the perfect balance between home life, kid activities and exercise, and the demands of a litigation practice. I can, however, say that I have long thought about how to achieve that elusive “work-life balance.” I recently delivered remarks at the swearing in ceremony for our newest lawyers at the end of September. I urged them to seek balance in their lives and to be well rounded. But what does this mean? What does it mean to be “balanced” in life or to be well rounded? What does it mean to have a “work-life balance?” To answer these questions I draw on two sources. First, my own experiences that guide me in every day activities. Second, the words of those who have written extensivel