The State Bar Association of North Dakota Fall 2015 Gavel Magazine - Page 20

UND SCHOOL OF LAW NEW AND IMPROVED construction equipment. And there was a really big hole in the ground. K AT H R Y N R . L . R A N D Dean, University of North Dakota School of Law On October 9, the School of Law held a Formal Dedication and Ribbon Cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the law school building project. Speakers at the event included Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley, Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle, State Board of Higher Education Chair Kathleen Neset, State Representative (and third-year student) Kylie Oversen, and University President Robert Kelley. I made the following remarks at the ceremony: And today, just one year later, we are holding a ceremony to mark the successful completion of a new and improved law school—this dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony. And although we are almost in the exact same location, we are in a very different place. Today, we are in a much, much better place. A better place for our students, a better place for the legal profession, a better place for our law school community, and a better place for the people of North Dakota. Because we are North Dakota’s law school. And what we’ve accomplished in just one year for future generations of attorneys who will serve future generations of North Dakotans, . . . well, you can see it in the beautiful building behind me. Exactly one year ago, we held a ceremony to mark the beginning of construction on the law school—a brick laying ceremony. We were almost in this exact place—almost, but not quite. We were across the street, on the front lawn of the library, overlooking this area. And exactly one year ago, this area where we all are now, looked very different. There was a huge Construction Engineers trailer, with that great “Laying down the law, one brick at a time” slogan. There was a chain link fence surrounding the law school and declaring it off limits as a construction site. There were signs saying that the law school’s operations were now located in multiple buildings elsewhere on campus. There was 20 THE GAVEL Dean Kathryn Rand spoke about the enormous debt of gratitude the UND School of Law owes to the many people who helped make the new building possible.