The State Bar Association of North Dakota Fall 2015 Gavel Magazine - Page 14

Table 3: Perpetrators of Threats/Assaults # of Respondents Percentage Client 27 25.0 Relative/Associate of Client 5 5.6 Opposing Party 57 52.8 Relative/Associate 5 4.6 of Opposing Party Opposing Counsel 2 1.9 Unknown 3 2.8 Other 9 8.3 Total 108 100% Threats and Subsequent Relationship with the Assaults Perpetrator of Threats/Assaults Attorneys who received threats were asked to identify if the individual who made the threat was the same person, or connected to the person, who most recently assaulted them. Of 108 responses, only five incidents of subsequent physical assaults were reported, and only an additional one respondent could not identify whether the assault was related to the threat. Recipients of threats and violence were also asked to identify their association with the individual who most recently threatened/ assaulted them. See Table 3. Similar to the surveys conducted in other states