The State Bar Association of North Dakota Fall 2015 Gavel Magazine - Page 13

reported feces being left on the home front porch. Another respondent reported never replacing a worn out tire because they were getting spiked, “generally on a day I had court.” Number of Threats Received The Survey requested those respondents who identified themselves as recipients of threats and violence to indicate the number of threats they received. A total of 108 respondents reported they had received threats in the practice of law. Of the respondents who were recipients of threats and violence, 83.3 percent received more than one threat during their legal career. “ Threats and Violence as a Public or Private Attorney The Survey asked respondents to identify whether the most recent threat(s) and violence experienced occurred while they were employed as public or private attorneys. Of 108 respondents, 48 (44.4 percent) identified the last threat and violence occurred while employed in private practice, 47 (43.5 percent) occurred while employed in public practice, and 13 (12.0 percent) indicated that it occurred while they were employed in both public and private practice. These responses suggest that North Dakota attorneys experience threats and violence regardless of whether they are in private or public practice, while the number of threats and violence may differ based on the specific area of practice. Locations of Threats The Survey asked members of the North Dakota legal profession to identify the location/s where they experienced threats. Not surprisingly, respondents identified the most prominent locations of threats and violence as the business office (73 responses) and the courthouse (54 responses). However, many respondents reported the occurrence of threats and violence at other locations, including at home (15 responses) and elsewhere (31 responses), For example, attorneys reported threats and attacks made while at jail, home, stores, a motel, a gas station, traveling to and from court, and a public parking lot. The reality is that work-related violence and threats of violence can come from any side of a given case and can occur beyond the courthouse and office, regardless of one’s area of practice. ” FALL 2015 13