The State Bar Association of North Dakota Fall 2014 Gavel Magazine - Page 2

SBAND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR We also share a larger conference room and a small kitchen with the law firm tenant. In addition, we have access to the Association of Counties much larger, state-of-the-art conference room when it is not being used. One of the features of the new office space is a VIP office which is available to SBAND members. If members have a deposition, mediation, a client meeting, or other need for a short-term space, please contact us to arrange for use of the office. TONY J. WEILER SBAND Executive Director SBAND has moved! Early in October, the State Bar Association of North Dakota moved its office space from the C.B. Little House near downtown Bismarck to the North Dakota Association of Counties Building. Our new address is 1661 Capitol Way, 104 LL, Bismarck (58501). The new offices are right off I-94 and close to the State Capitol. The space we’re occupying was the home of the state’s technology division, which has moved into its own building. We’re in the lower level of the Association of Counties building. The space contained only cubicles, with very few spaces with hard walls. The space was designed and built out specifically to meet SBAND’s needs. The good news is that our new landlord bore most of the expense of the renovation. The lower level of the building will also house a Bismarck law firm and the Association of Counties technology division. SBAND’s new office space has six offices, as well as a reception area, a small conference room, and plenty of storage. 2 THE GAVEL Moving led me to looking back and reflecting. SBAND spent more than 10 years in the C.B. Little House, and it was a fine home for the Association. C.B. Little was a Bismarck and western North Dakota pioneer, and was a lawyer. The home is beautiful and historic, if not ideally configured for office space. The owner of the house decided to make use of it for the owner’s needs, necessitating SBAND’s move. In searching for new office space, SBAND was faced with high prices for office space in Bismarck, as in most of western North Dakota. The search included looking at some pretty good office space, and some that was pretty terrible. The cost for building out the newer spaces which were available would have required an outlay of significant funds, and much higher rent than SBAND has paid in the past years. SBAND was fortunate to work with the Association of Counties, and Executive Director Mark Johnson, in designing and constructing space suited to our needs at a reasonable cost. The new office space on Capitol Avenue is right off I-94, and it’s convenient to the State Capitol, restaurants and hotels. The setting is professional, and we have access to the high tech conference room which will be ideal for the Board of Governor’s meetings in Bismarck. The space is close enough to the Capitol to accommodate meetings of the legislative committee during the upcoming legislative session. The future is bright. The new lawyers admitted to the bar in September pushed our membership to 2,841, more members than SBAND has ever had. SBAND is in solid shape financially, and otherwise. We’re ready for 2015 and the legislative session! Please visit the new SBAND office any time!