The State Bar Association of North Dakota Fall 2014 Gavel Magazine - Page 11

STATE BAR GROWS BY 44 NEW LAWYERS IN SEPTEMBER The North Dakota Bar increased its membership when Supreme Court Justice Lisa Fair McEvers administered the oath to 44 new lawyers on September 26 in the chambers of the North Dakota House of Representatives. Several others welcomed the new lawyers, including State Board of Law Examiners President Alice Senechal. She told the new lawyers their license will give them both power and responsibility. “Each of you has demonstrated you have met all the important eligibility requirements. But, you can never stop learning in this profession.” She encouraged them to “look to learn by volunteering your time. Always take your power seriously, and use that responsibility wisely.” Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley encouraged them to abide by the oath every day. “Each one of you today is taking on a sacred public trust,” he said. “Be prepared. Be thoughtful and determined in your work. And keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. “ Chief Deputy Attorney General Thomas Trenbeath shared advice for the new lawyers. “Remember the importance of secretaries, paralegals and clerks of court,” he told them. “They know the nuts and bolts. Remember too, that the time will come when a new starting lawyer will turn to you for help. You need to be there to help them as others will help you.” Speaking on behalf of the University of North Dakota School of Law, Dean Kathryn Rand told the new lawyers, “This day marks an important milestone in your career as a legal professional. I hope you will be successful and you will offer support to your fellow practicing lawyers.” State Bar Association of North Dakota President Jack McDonald noted the increase in the numbers of state lawyers by nearly 800 from when he began practicing law 40 years ago. “Get involved in your community, get involved in your local bar association and the SBAND,” he advised them. “We welcome your participation. “ Tony Weiler, executive director of the SBAND said “practicing law means you engage in services for others. I encourage you to consider pro bono work.” The following individuals met the requirements for admission based on the bar examination: Elizabeth Alvine Andrew Askew Steven Attleson Tyler Bakke Patrick Brooke Amanda Brossart Leah Carlson Ashley Champ Kyle Craig Matthew Cremer Trevor Dahl Kellie Ebertowski Meagen Essen Steven Fischer Ashley Flagstad Rebecca Flanders Andrew Frank Casey Furey Tracy Green Paul Gunderson Justin Hagel Helene Herauf Ashley Holo Trevor Hunter Anine Lambert Jill Martin Margaret Morley Erin Musland Markus Powell Stephanie Pretzer Benjamin Sand David Spencer Alexander Stock Joshua Traiser Alexander Tsomaya Jared Wall Erica Woehl The following individuals met all of the requirements for admission based on eligibility by practice or test score: Colleen A Օ