The Spire, Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Alexandria, VA December 2018

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: P2 Senior Warden's Column, Organ Update, Rector's Column continued, Resurrection Vestry and Staff | P3 Hymn of the Month, Ministry Focus continued, January Birthdays | P4 Annual Meeting, Listening Session | P5 Redevelopment Progress Report, Art Exhibit | P6 Salvage Dogs, Organ | P7 Advent Dinner, New Year's Resolutions | P8 Health and Gratitude, Resolutions continued | P9 Transitions, Diocesan Annual Convention | P10 Diocesan Annual Convention continued | P11 Diocesan Annual Convention continued, Changes in Vestry | P12 What's Ahead for the Spire The Spire December 2018 Newsletter of the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Alexandria, VA Ministry Focus Prayer Circle Update Judy Isaacs It has been the privilege of a small group of Resurrection members to meet after Bible Study on Thursday mornings to pray for members of our congregation. Every week a page is selected from the directory and a prayer is said for each person or family listed on that page. Some people are well known to us, other names we don’t recognize but all are honored with a request that they are looked after and loved by us and the God who hears all prayer requests. We have been doing this for several years now until recently when our routine changed and we began to meet at Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill for Bible Study. We have had the added challenge of first finding the new location of the meetings, then we had snow one Thursday and Thanksgiving on another and as a result prayers have not been resumed. The members of this group had been Linda Goff, Betsy Raymond, Louise Bennett, Judy Isaacs and Frances Barnett. Frances has been a very important member of our group as she has attended Resurrection longer than any of us and would give a history of people we couldn’t identify. Continued on Page 3 We Wait in Hope From our Rector, The Rev. Jo J. Belser There’s a saying erroneously attributed to Abraham Lincoln to the effect that if he had only five minutes to chop down a mighty oak tree, he would spend three minutes sharpening his axe. I frequently remember this sage advice —whoever offered it—but only after I’ve accomplished some huge project with a “dull axe,” so to speak. The job gets done, but the process used to achieve it seems unduly hard in retrospect. That’s how I feel about our move from Beauregard Street to Seminary Road: the “tree” is down, but only because so many of you brought your sharp axes and—together—we did what needed to be done. In the process I discovered just how good our parish administrator Margaret Connor is in organizing huge tasks, in organizing anything. random love? I’ll admit, I needed the pie “boost.” At the time, everything seemed to take longer, longer to remember where things are and longer to get them to where they need to be, and then back again. Ask Deena Jaworski, whose choir music is in a different building than choir rehearsal. Ask Will McBeth, who has been finding far-stashed Godly Play materials. Ask Lori Thurgood, who has been setting the altar for our services with everything in very new and often unknown places. You get the idea: everyday life takes more effort at present, and the tasks that used to be easy feel like an interruption when they are not, really. But, thanks to a “heavenly host” of Resurrection members who have quietly begun to create order, things are already beginning to settle into new patterns, new routines, new joy. Note to self, though: Next time we move our whole church, don’t do so anytime near a holiday. The rest is well- deserved, Church of the Resurrection, but I’ve been missing many of you. Thank you, though, for telling me where That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned you would be; I am greatly reassured to throughout our move: Face the know you will be back soon. challenges but dwell on the blessings. When I focus on the challenges, I get Our Thanksgiving Day breakfast and bogged down in them and enter worship were lovely. Our celebration “critique mode.” When I claim the began the afternoon prior, when a blessings that new challenges bring, church neighbor brought us a huge the pain of challenges is diminished. pumpkin pie “for all you do to help others.” “Delicious!” I am told. Who This lesson “arrived” just in time for knew pie makes such great breakfast Advent. Advent is the season of food? I was “fed” by the gift of love, gift waiting, of interruptions, of unexpected of Spirit. Another note to self: gifts, of finding hope while we wait in unexpected gifts of time and love are faithful expectation. great gifts to both give and receive. Continued on Page 2 Who can I surprise with a gift of 1