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As far back as I can remember (maybe when I was 5 or 6 years old) I have been a witch. Back then however, I had no idea of what being a witch was, I just knew that I was different very different from those around me.

My family especially my mother was extremely catholic. I attended catholic school, went to CCD education (more catholic education) on Saturdays and Sunday of course church. I never felt that I belonged, not in any of those places.

There was a huge wonderful old oak tree in the far back part of our property, which was where you could usually find me with my dog Pepper. I would spend hours there looking at all the plants digging, up rocks, daydreaming (now I realize the daydreams were actually memories of past lives) and knowing that this was where I was supposed to be. As I got older, my special place had become a little back corner of the garage that my father semi willing gave me some space in for all of my “patients”. By the time I was in 2nd or 3rd grade I had developed a very deep connection with animals, so much so, that I would have animals of all sorts follow me home from where ever I had been. Any injured wild animal and some not so wild found their way to my little garage hospital. This continued for a few years and of course any animal that did not survive was given a proper burial…. behind the garage.

Every Sunday after church my favorite Uncle would stop by to visit with the family. Even though Uncle Al never talked about Witchcraft, he knew I was different extremely tied to and sensitive about the earth and her creatures. He was the one that started my serious collecting of stones. He brought me one every week, I would spend the week reading the encyclopedia finding about what ever stone he had brought me. Even back then I could feel the energy from them, each one of them felt different. Some made my hands tingle, some made them feel like they were on fire and some felt cold like ice cubes.

When I was ten, I started to have these strange dreams and little by little I realized that many of the times these dreams would somehow become reality. It scared the daylights out of me thinking that I caused somehow these things and not having anyone to talk to about it to. Well, I seriously thought I was crazy. Little by little it became my normal and I no longer felt “crazy”. When I was about 16 the most

My Path To The Goddess

By Lady Raven Draco

serious dream I had to that point was seeing my Uncle Al at work and there was a pretty bad accident and he died. That Sunday when he came over I told him about the dream in great detail…he simply thanked me…Two week later he was visiting and informed me that ever since I had told him about the dream when he walked the manufacturing floor he was extra careful…Thank the goddess he did….because the dream came true, but Uncle Al did not die because he took what I told him seriously. From that day on I took my dreams as gifts to help people.By then I could drive, and not having a lot of friends, I would spend lots of time in the library. Yea, you know the days before the internet they had a building with lots and lots of books….I was then and still am a ravenous reader. I finally found out what, as my mother would say was “wrong with me”.

Plain and simple I was a Witch!!!! Oh My Goddess I am a Witch!!!!

There was a name for it; I wasn’t crazy, just different. I was special. I had been given many gifts that as time passed I understood how to use and developed them for the benefit of others.

Life continued on and I eventually got married and had children and I am very ashamed to say that the Goddess took a back seat to my life. Until one day that I desperately needed her. It was a warm summer evening and it had been an especially violent weekend with my abusive husband. I had run outside sitting under the maple tree battered and bloodied I looked up to see the full moon come behind the clouds…The Goddess was there, I begged her to help me finally find a way out. I certainly would have understood if she turned her back on me as I had unintentionally done to her. But, the Goddess forgave me, opened her arms to me and within a few weeks I was out of that house with the kids and on the path to our new life.

Over the past 60 years I have read, studied and practiced Wicca. I am a natural witch and have been blessed to be able to become a certified Aromatherapist, then received a PhD in Religious Philosophy, became an ordained minister, Reiki Master (developed my personal form of Reiki called Pohaku Reiki) and just graduated as a Hypnotherapist. Not sure what the next endeavor will be, but I am sure there will be one. I mention these things, not as a look at me, but as what anyone can do with the help of the Goddess.

The Goddess has been there for me through good and bad times. As I realize now She has always been with me, through many life times, and has given me many gifts.

Atlantis….my love of stones and the ocean

Egypt…my love of animals and deep desire for knowledge

Scotland…my love and respect for Her and this planet we call home.

Today…my understanding of all previous, that all things, all life is interconnected.

Everyone has a path that they alone must walk; I wish you all the very best on your journey.

Blessed Be - Lady Raven Draco

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