The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 8


Lady Kai

I am a 26 year old Model and performance artist known as Lady Kai, and I am an Earth Witch. I am sure being a witch has a very different meaning for most people, but for me it is freedom and a connection to something so much bigger than myself; A connection to the Earth and life itself.

I was raised in a very conservative and traditional Christian household and never felt like I was allowed to be myself or express my emotions or truly connect with nature, which I have always had a very strong pull towards. It wasn't until I moved out at the age of 20 thatI was free to start living

the age of 20 that I was free to start living my way and exploring new paths.

start my way and exploring new paths.

I started meditating out in nature and getting really into crystal healing and stone energy.

I learned and felt that every stone has it's own unique vibration and energy that pulses through it. Every stone holds different properties which can be tapped into, in order to strengthen or bond with specific elements and aspects. Through that, I started exploring more Earth Witchery such as blending herbs, which much like stones hold very specific and magical properties. I now make my own incense and offerings to the goddess Earth and started practicing affirmation spells. I try to keep everything I practice Light and uplifting. I have never felt such positive charges from any other lifestyle. Living a Pagan life has shown me my place in the world and helped me understand that I contribute my energy to this life and world.

My goal as an Earth Witch is to not only connect myself to nature, but to find ways to better the lives of everything and everyone around me. I strive daily to make this world a better place. I hope to leave this world in a better way than when I arrived in it.

Light and Love, ~Lady Kai

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