The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 5

· Grapefruit Essential Oil

· 1 tumbled green apatite crystal

· 1 Pink Candle

· 1 Green Candle

This spell is to be performed when the moon is waning. In preparation take a relaxing bath or shower (if you are taking a bath then you can use the grapefruit essential oil in the tub, if you are taking a sower you can burn the grapefruit essential oil in a diffuser), imagine yourself at your desired weight; imagine yourself strong and healthy. When you get out of the bath/shower go somewhere quiet and magical. Light a pink candle for self-love and a green candle for health. Anoint your green apatite stone with grapefruit essential oil and hold it in your hand as you say:

Health is the ultimate goal, Balanced body, mind and soul.

I call upon the Goddess high, Show me where my power lies.

Shed the weight that no longer serves, Leave behind healthy curves.

Help me build my strength and power, Be with me in my weakest hour.

I banish cravings for sugar sweet, For fatty dairy and deadly meat.

I banish eating late at night, Out of mind out of sight.

Health is what I crave the most, Not the right to brag or boast,

So hear my call, hear my plea, Help me to heal my body, To fill the voids with spirit.

Not food, I banish eating, to express my mood

By the power of three by three,

As I will it, so mote it be.

Carry the green apatite with you; take it out when you need motivation and encouragement.

A Spell for Weight Management

By Brieanna Lewis

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