The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 36

We all know that a traditional witch ball is a lovely handblown glass sphere filled with tendrils of the glass so that it may trap the selected badness inside, however, this is for a more spell ball. By putting your herbs and your intent into a sealed

plastic sphere found at most craft stores you are really using your intent to make a spell ball. Many Witch's simply call them witch balls, however I do not as I love my colorful blown glass spheres, the way they look with the sunlight streaming and

bouncing off them making a kaleidoscope of colors that do a morning dance against my wall. Be it an issue your are having, or asking the Goddess to bless you, a witch spell ball can be a fun and effective way to spellcast. The collection of herbs you choose must signify the spell you are creating and I never do any casting on Sundays. The following is for Good Luck & Prosperity. You can switch up the herbs if another collection of herbs may work for you a bit better. Light a small green candle before careful when using an open flame! Enjoy! BB

Witch Spell Ball Ingredients - Clove, jasmine, and flaxseeds to attract money -

Allspice and or dill will attrack luck and money - Rice will attract prosperity

and abundance - Catnip Will attract happiness - 3 Shiny copper pennies -

3 Green Ribbons

Add all ingredients except ribbon into the ball and close it so that it clicks closed.

Take your green ribbon and thread through the area where you can hang it.

Tie each ribbon in three knots asking the Goddess your intent. Leave until

candle burns itself out. Place your spell ball into a small box until your s

pell has taken effect. Hang it in any area not in direct sunlight to keep

the spell going. Do not opened the spell will be lost.

3 Green Ribbons

Good Luck



Spell Ball

By Jo Edwards - Jade Sword