The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 33

energy raising for our goals. One or both of us goes into work with our shop and temple agenda and to do list for the day, and accomplish these tasks between helping and chatting with customers, energy healings, chakra balancings, tarot readings, and other services, tending to the temple, praying and doing magickal work, performing spiritual services like house blessings and handfastings, planning and hosting rituals and weekly and monthly events such as our Sunday Prayers and Brunch, teaching classes and workshops, providing spiritual guidance and mystical

training, maintaining our website and social media pages, working with our temple families and local community through charity work, fundraisers, and vendor fairs, retail operations, advertising, marketing, and working hard to be positive and enlightening local representatives for Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches.

Q. Is there one particular item in your shop you just love to sell?

A. We both could not choose one specific item! Every sale is so meaningful to us because not only is each a

learning and teaching moment but a chance to connect to another person, and it brings us closer to our goal

of having a temple building and spiritual and religious Pagan center.

herbs, etc.,but we believe a simple, honest prayer is also magick.

It is a blessing, but also a responsibility.

Q. How does being witches effect your everyday life?

A. Being a witch in our everyday life has allowed us to empower ourselves and have more respect for ourselves. Having combined intuitive, medium, and empathic gifts helps us to navigate situations and people easily, and receive guidance from ancestors, people that have passed, and other spirits and energies. Practicing magick

allows us to feel that we change everything we touch, and that we're not so small and powerless in our own lives. Along with material work and mundane activities we can do something extra to help things along. Simple acts like chores turn into cleansing rituals and workouts are raising energy for the gods. Being a witch means everything is


Q. I know you have a brick and motar shop, where is it located?

A. We are located at 13 West Main Street In historic and quaint uptown Port Jervis, New York. Port Jervis is in the scenic Hudson Valley area, about 2 hours north of New York City.

Q. What is a typical day like for you?

A. We live together, so everything starts at home! We wake up and have our own personal prayers and get ready. We get together for breakfast to go over what we want out of the day and end in a prayer and energy raising for

our goals.