The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 32

Q. Hello, I ahve been following your page for quite awhile, can you tell our readers a bit about The Pointed Hat and yourselves?

A. Charles: My name is Charles and I'm 28 years old. I am the owner and founder of The Pointed Hat shop and temple. I feel I have always been unique. I knew from an early age that the path of a witch or wizard was my calling. I was drawn away from traditional religious and cultural paths due to a lack of acceptance in many for my beliefs and for being an openly gay man. However, in paganism and witchcraft, I have found my own personal spiritual path and a home for my unconventional soul. I walk my own path but I've always has a close bond with my family (human and furry friends), which includes those related by blood or bond. I have a deep drive and love for what we do at The Pointed Hat and I have dedicated my life's work to the betterment of myself and the community I reside in, large or small.

Carol: My name is Carolydia and I'm 27 years old. I've been best friends with Charles for over 15 years now, and I joined him as a partner and his manager and priestess almost a year ago, when I left my position as a fashion shop manager to help him and discover a career and life that was more fulfilling. I've lived in this area since childhood, but was born and lived in Queens, NY. Both of my parents are immigrants from Panama who came here before I was born. Because of this, I speak Spanish fluently. I had several loving dogs and one turtle growing up, and now I have a 6 year old golden tabby cat who is my life and spiritual familiar named Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn. I was raised Roman Catholic and was a very devoted and pious child. Because of the nature of Catholicism in addition to my African and Caribbean backgrounds, I was used to practices of candle and incense lighting, honoring ancestors, doing cleansings in the house, little "superstitions" I later learned were sympathetic magick, and had many voodoo and Santeria practitioners in my family. My love of Greek mythology and goddess religions eventually led me to Wicca in my early teens, along with a little research into my German and French ancestry. I dedicated soon after. and later initiated as a solitary eclectic witch. Years later I dedicated myself to Hecate as she became my matron goddess. I guess I always knew I was a witch, but I didn't have that word in mind. I think Charles would agree that in both our cases that in retrospect, the signs and evidence were there all the time. It felt like coming home and as I progress in my practice it feels even more so each day. It has also allowed me to heal the resentment and anger I had toward Christianity and Catholicism and my spiritual bond with my devoted Catholic mother has improved greatly.

Q. What meaning of magick to you?

A. Magick to us, starts with a deep and strong connection to Nature. It is realizing and strengthening that relationship with the Earth and using the energy and power around and within you to change your life and heal yourself. Because we believe in things we cannot "see" and that we are all connected, it's simply harnessing that essence and changing our situations through magickal and mundane actions and thoughts. And because of our work with dark gods and goddesses, magick to us has no black or white, simply the gray that holds all good and bad intentions- the balance that holds this universe together. Magick can have all the pomp and circumstance of ritual- candles, incense, herbs, etc. But we believe a simple, honest prayer is also magick. It is a blessing, but also a responsibility.

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