The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 30

Amythyst Raine Hatayama Continued

She sent me back a one sentence email: “I don't get it.” Some people won't, but for those who do, it seems to hit them in the face with the wonderful energy of Stark Reality. It's an “Aha!” moment.

The Spiritual most important piece of work. If I never write another word, I have accomplished all I was put here to do with this book. This is a book of feminine celebration, healing, and re-empowerment. It's a book to help women connect with the Goddess and to find out just what aspects of their lives will be improved and embellished with this connection. It's a book to help women find themselves, because sometimes we get so lost along the way, mired in responsibility, motherhood, work, husbands, family, and everything else the world throws at us. Every aspect of Woman-- every aspect-- deserves to be celebrated. We have to learn how to embrace ourselves and every other woman on the planet. We have to learn to stop being so judgmental about ourselves and other women. We have to learn to support each other and stop tearing each other down. We have to stop being sneaky, jealous, and spiteful with our Sisters. We have to recover from abuse. We have to discover our strengths. We have to learn to recognize our weaknesses and work around them. We have to learn how to make our lives better, and how to teach our daughters all of this so they're smarter than we were, so they have a jump-start on Life. We have to look God in the face and realize...Womanhood is Divine.

What is a typical day like for you?

I wake early (5 or 6 o'clock), put on coffee, and feed the cats. There follows a couple hours in bed with my laptop working on emails, blogs, or manuscripts (if I'm in the midst of writing something.) The rest of the morning is spent running around like crazy to get any shopping or errands done before my husband Joe goes off to work. He works second shift. We've been with only one vehicle for almost a year now, so once he takes the car to work, I’m pretty much grounded at home. I also have to admit that this is when we steal some “alone” time, and we might go out for breakfast, to the garden centers looking for flowers, or something-- anything, it's not really important what, we just enjoy each others company. Afternoons are housework, or gardening, maybe more writing. And occasionally one of my daughters picks me and the younger girls up for an outing. Evenings...reading, or writing, or movies. (We love movies at our house!) See, World, I am not evil. I am Mrs. Cleaver in a pointy black hat.

How long did it take you to write your very 1st book?

It took about a year and a half. I had to look at all the esoteric topics I was connecting to the tarot, and I not only had to learn them and to fully understand them, I had to figure out how it all came together for me. What was The Big Picture? How did all these esoteric paths cohere to become one big guide to life and living? How did it all connect to the magic and mystery of the tarot? It was a eureka moment for me.

Do you look back and I have really come a long way?

No, I look back and wonder why I haven't gone farther. How could I have lived 58 years and accomplished so little? I wonder how I could have done could I become a better writer, a better mother, a better wife, a better woman. What is success, really? And how can you measure it? How do you know when you're successful? Most of life is an illusion.