The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 27

How to find out who is attacking you

Buy or get a white plate and you will also need a white stick candle

Rub plate clockwise starting from center outward rub for about 4 mins

asking for it to reveal who it is that's attacking you. Then light your

stick candle and go over surface gently holding plate upside down you will

burn the surface lightly with candle.

On the face of your plate it will show your enemies from there you can burn

a binding candle on top of plate or break plate to weaken the power over you

it will be your choice as to how you d like to handle this situation.


For a man to love you forever

Buy the 3 nails of St.Elena and a red figure candle of a man with 3 oils - come to me oil

love me forever oil, and think of me oil.

Write man's name on back of candle with a new needle or nail. Use his full name. Rub downward with oils charging it with your desires then heat up the tip of one of the nails and insert it into the heart of the

male figure candle and lay the other nails around the candle.

Light the candle and when nail falls while candle is lit, let it lay there

until candle is finished. Pick up nails and Carry them with you. Any figure

candle burned for love should never be thrown away as it throws away the love they have for you. It should be stored away or buried in the yard.

So mote it Be