The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 25

easier and easier to get back on, the more we embrace the fact – the magick—that all we have to do is BELIEVE. Another aspect of the Craft that has greatly helped me in my life is this: If you believe, then you will receive. Ask, believe, and receive. That’s the magick formula, and it works. I believe that whatever I will need in life will come to me, be it a person, a word, a phrase, a book, a ride somewhere—whatever—I believe that, and the Universe has never let me down. I believe too that everything happens the way it is supposed to happen—and this belief, alone, has served to calm me in so many instances of my life.

Tell us about your Sleuth Sisters Series.

My current book series is the Sleuth Sisters Mystery series. I had been planning and crafting that series, off and on, for years. Then when I published my first three witch mysteries, simultaneously, early last spring, at Amazon Books, I noted that there’s another author using the title and subtitle “Sleuth Sisters.” Authors cannot copyright titles or subtitles. Not to

disparage that other author in any way, but if readers are looking for MY series—and mine is the only Sleuth Sisters witch series—then do be sure to look for my name— Ceane O’Hanlon-Lincoln– as the author on the books’ covers. To date, there are four books available in my Sleuth Sisters Mystery Series: THE WITCHES’ TIME-KEY, FIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE, THE WITCH’S SILENT SCREAM, and WHICH WITCH IS WHICH? My Sleuth Sisters reside in a century-plus Victorian home called “Tara,” which is what I named my home. They live in a small SW Pennsylvania town I call “Haleigh’s Hamlet,” where two of them, the raven-haired Goth gal Raine and the sexy red-haired Maggie teach history and archeology at the local college. The blonde with the wand, Aishling, with her husband Ian (both former police detectives) own and operate, in the Hamlet, the successful Black Cat Detective Agency. Be advised, dear readers, that each of my Sleuth Sisters Mysteries is self-contained and can stand alone, though it’s always best to read a series in order. In The Witches’ Time-Key, I introduce the Sleuth Sisters (Raine and Maggie McDonough and Aisling McDonough-Gwynn, first cousins but more like sisters, in addition to which they are fellow sisters of the Craft) and set the stage for future Sleuth Sisters adventures. In that first book, my trio of “mystery magnets” seek answers to the haunting questions connected to their own special quest and to a series of murders and legendary lost jewels at Barry Hall, a noble estate in County Clare, Ireland, where a chance encounter with a fellow Pennsylvanian leads them. With their magickal Time-Key, these winning white witches are able to unlock the door that will whisk them through yesteryear, but who knows what skeletons and dangers dangle in the closets their Key will open? Whether the daring Sisters are in Victorian Ireland, Merry Old England, the precarious eighteen-century Pennsylvania frontier, or in Scotland’s

remote and windy Orkney Islands, one thing is certain– magick, adventure, and surprise await them at the creak of every opening door– and page-turn.

What is a typical day in your life as a writer?

A typical day for me is morning chores and errands round my own Victorian home, Tara. Afternoons are for research, writing,

and editing. I always say I don’t know if I am a great writer, only Time our greatest historian will be able to tell us that, but I know one thing for certain, I am a darn-good RE-writer, because I re-write, craft and polish, fine-tune and proof, then re-write over and yet again until the language flows, and the text is compelling. Books had better be compelling today, with all the distractions round about. Authors today have more of a challenge than ever they did! I research, write, polish and craft every day, for hours at a stretch. But I love what I do. When I sit down to write, a

benediction descends upon me like a warm bath of citrine sunlight, like a smudge of sorts, and I feel at peace with myself and the world at large. I suppose because it’s my destiny, as I always knew it was. And that reminds me of yet another

story—as you can tell, I love stories! The first of my Sleuth Sisters Mysteries, The Witches’ Time-Key, was conceived

years ago the first time I visited Ireland. As I stood on the sacred Hill of Tara, the wind whispered ancient voices – ancient secrets. I never forgot that very mystical experience. And though I could not understand the Old Irish the voices

were speaking, I instinctively knew what those voices were telling me—that I should write, that it was my destiny.

How long does it take you to write a book?

A book takes me anywhere from a year to a year and a half to complete. But, as I said, I work at my craft hours per day with nary a day off.