The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 24

The Sleuth Sisters of


Hello Ceane, please tell us about your self, your family, and your your pets.

My first name, Ceane, is pronounced SHAWN-ee (though many pronounce it as “Sean/Shawn,” and that is fine. My full maiden name, Ceane Bell O’Hanlon, translates from Old Irish as “Beautiful Leader of Splendour and Light.” I love that, and I’ve always tried to live up to it. In 2004, I won the prestigious Athena, an award presented to professional “women of spirit.” The Athena sculpture symbolizes “career excellence and the light that emanates from the recipient.” Over the years, I have had several fellow sisters of the Craft tell me that I have a super-bright aura, so my mother and the Great Goddess named me well. When I married my wonderful

husband, I hyphened his name, Lincoln, to mine, for as a true daughter of Eire, I did not wish to change my name. I am an Aries, actually a double Aries. In addition to the sun in Aries, I have Aries in its home sign of Mars. My moon sign is Capricorn, and that, readers, is my only earth sign; it’s what grounds me and gives me Drive. The entire rest of my astro-chart is fire and water, so, to state it STAR-kly, I am an emotional, enthusiastic individual who puts her heart and soul into her writing. The local news media in my home area has termed me a “state-of-the-heart” writer. I like that. I am that. For about eighteen years, I taught school—junior-high and senior-high French. But my first love, in addition to writing, has always been history. That’s the subject I had wanted to major in, but at the time I entered college, in the field of education, I was told that history was an over-crowded field, that if I wanted to land a teaching job upon graduation, that I should choose another subject. That subject was French, and it has served me well in several capacities. However, about twenty years ago, I began writing history—my award-winning County Chronicles, a Pennsylvania history series. I was finally

“teaching” history; and now, as I create my Sleuth Sisters witch mysteries, I love dressing the backdrops of the Sisters’ thrilling tales with a touch of meticulously researched history. I have written and seen published an average of a book a year since the year 2000. Several years ago, I optioned a screenplay to Keven Costner. In addition, I authored my own history column in my SW PA hometown newspaper for a few years, and I freelance as a writer. I’ve also published two history-related audio books, both of which have found prestigious homes. As mentioned above, I share my home—a restored 1907 Victorian—with my beloved husband, who truly is my soulmate, and our two black Bombay cats, Black Jade and Black Jack O’Lantern

Have you always known you were a witch?

I’ve always known that I am a witch, from childhood. I consider myself a natural-born witch, and I practice the Craft quietly and alone, though it is empowering to have sisters and brothers of the moon with whom I can share spells, as well as other knowledge. I can recall sitting in the grass as a child, under the tall, swaying black walnut trees in our backyard and thinking, “I am here again for yet another life.” I can recall that day vividly-- as if it were yesterday-- the sun glinting through the leafy canopy of trees, green smudge against a blue sky with puffs of white clouds. I can also recall sitting in my elementary-school lunchroom and thinking, “All I have to do is think something, to make it so. It’s like waving a magick wand!” and that is what magick, real magick, means to me. When Rhonda Byrne’s wonderful, best-selling book, The Secret, debuted, I thought, “I’ve been doing this all my life. It’s the Craft. It is true magick. What you think about, you bring about. It’s simple, and all truth should be simple. Of course, one has to put the “juice” behind that thinking—the clout. And that’s what our feelings, emotions, do to speed our thoughts into manifestation. I love that old saying, that real magick does exist, but those who do not believe in it will never experience it. You know, the most significant things in this universe are those things which we cannot see. My belief is—what you think about and thank about-- you bring about. We must always be grateful for blessings and thank for those blessings daily. I believe adamantly in the Witches Rede of “Harm None.” There’s an old Irish saying that what you do comes back to you 3x3, so we must all be careful, not only in what we wish for (for focusing thought and feelings on something will surely manifest that something), but in what we do. Karma, as magick, is very real! I firmly believe that what we do in life comes back to each of us— the good and the bad-- 3x3 (three being the most sacred number). Doing good is compound interest in the bank of life, though we should not do good for the rewards that our actions will reap. The older I get and the longer I practice the Craft, I have come to realize that there are no accidents in life. Whatever happens to us, what comes into each of our lives, we have drawn into our lives so we must not let life get us down to the point where we start dwelling on negatives, for then all we’re doing is drawing more of the same negative things into our lives. This has been the most difficult thing for me to overcome, even with the

empowerment of the Craft, though, I daresay, the Craft has helped me deal with life more than anything or anyone ever has. I have been training myself—and I admit that I still have a long way to go—to stop thinking about negatives, to stop dwelling on what I don’t want to happen. We must never, ever do that. We need to center ourselves and image, rather, on what we WANT to happen, to feel its outcome before it even unfolds, and to be grateful for that outcome. We all slip off the path of the Great Secret from time to time, but it gets easier and easier to get back on, the more we embrace the fact – the magick—that

all we have to do is BELIEVE. Another aspect of the Craft that has greatly helped me in my life is this: If you believe,

then you will receive. Ask, believe, and receive. That’s the magick formula, and it works. I believe that whatever I will

need in life will come to me, be it a person, a word, a phrase, a book, a ride somewhere—whatever—I believe that, and the

Universe has never let me down. I believe too that everything happens the way it is supposed to happen—and this belief,

alone, has served to calm me in so many instances of my life.