The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 23

start making your doll when the waz is ready and when your done your doll/poppet ready to use.

CLOTH POPPETS - These are the ones I use. First draw a pattern of a man. If your not a artist use the cookie cutter of a ginger bread man. Then cut out two pieces and hand sew together leaving the head open. While thinking about what you want the doll to do, turn him inside out and fill him with cotton batting and herbs and a paper with your intent on it, like I did with my love doll and then you have a beautiful doll. You can put eyes, mouth and hair on them as well, or just leave them plain. I will sometimes sew the word love on them or money etc...

Here are the colors of fabric that you can use for a poppet spell.

Banishing...Black fabric

Love...Red or Pink Fabric

Health...Blue Fabric

Creativity...Orange, Yellow Fabric

Protection...Black, Red or White Fabric

Animal Magick..Brown Fabric

Spirituality...White, Blue or Silver

When the magick has run its course or you got your answer, dismantle the doll and bury the pieces, but make sure you sever the ties with some kind of chant.

So my witches i hope that you learned a little bit about poppets and Voodoo dolls. You don't have to use them for evil even though some people do. I myself use them for only good and to bring what I want into my life or others. They are very powerful tools and should never be taken lightly! So until next time.. Rock on.... Follow Darklady on Facebook