The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 21

a couple to separate. Again, the cause must be justifiable and never jealousy or anger-based. If someone petitions to break up a committed couple due to coveting one of the individuals for themselves, that is NOT justifiable. I will, however, perform a separation conjure if there is abuse or one spouse steps out and is about to break up an intact family. I may conjure to banish negative energies or people from a just person’s life. I have no problem with using banishing conjures against bullies and psychic vampires. So am I violating the free-will of a bully? Yes! Justifiable? In my belief, yes.

Now the controversial areas- revenge, death and justice conjures. I have done a justice conjure once. It was aimed against an individual who broke up a family and ruined an innocent but did not receive justice. Hoodoo conjures generally involve invoking the will of God. When performing the justice conjure, it was petitioning God's will to right the wrong and to return evil to the initiator. Hoodoo has been explained this way: You understand that anything you do is the plan of God. Whether your action is good or bad, He’s got something to do with it. Just what’s for you- you will get it. The last part is a warning- by performing a conjure that is harmful and unjustified; you tempt the vengeance of God.

Belief systems of Wicca and Hoodoo are quite different, but there are similarities: belief in the power of the universe and nature, belief that this power can be harnessed and used with intent to bring positive outcomes. Both are spiritual in nature, one worshiping the Goddess and one petitioning the will of God and the spirits.

Both believe there are consequences for violating free-will and harming. The difference is that an ethical Hoodoo practitioner will perform justifiable conjures to change the course of an individual’s action, thus violating free will and sometimes doing harm when JUSTIIFIED.

In my practice, 90% of my efforts are aimed towards creating positive outcomes for others. There are few instances where I feel that the darker side of Hoodoo practice is needed, but these are for justifiable cause which I have previously discussed. Will these instances come back on me three-fold? In my belief system, no. Not if the act is driven by the intent of love, protection, and true justice. In both Wicca and Hoodoo, everything is driven by wisdom and intent. In any Pagan practice or religion, if your tools and magic are used in a positive way governed by clarity of thought, discrimination and wisdom, all may practice their magic freely without conflict.