The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 19

Horoscopes for the month

Cancer: This month begins a new phase in work and health. Be gracious with those who wish to know Wicca, but do not share mysteries with a fool. You will find what you need (you have been looking for a statue for your altar) nearby. Frugality now pays off. Go back to basics when working your magick. You have gotten too carried away with the look of your rituals rather than the content and intent.

Leo: You have been a bit housebound for the past two years, and issues related to home and family have kept you a domesticated housecat, but you will come roaring back to life under the splendid summer sun, and this month there are work and social opportunities that open up before you and will certainly change your future.

Virgo: A turning point arises at home around the middle of the month. Domestic changes require adaptation. This will be an excellent time to renovate, remodel and update your altar. Prepare for a gathering; possibly host a Wiccan get together to celebrate the Solstice.

Libra: You feel you cannot pay off your debts fast enough, leading to moodiness at the Full Moon. Money pressures ease up in mid-September, but until then you need to exercise caution with the income that you do have. This would be an excellent time to work some money magick.

Scorpio: Profitable new opportunities bloom toward the end of the month, reaching a financial turning point. Keep track to maximize savings. Avoid distractions that waste time and money. You have been alone to long it is time to get back out there and working some love magick is called for at this point.

Sagittarius: Things are going faster than you thought they would and you are feeling things getting out of control. Now would be a wonderful time to do an emotional release spell that provides some sense of regaining control.

Capricorn: The time is now to launch a new personal endeavor, you have learned through trial and error. Ritual and symbolism give comfort. This would be a good time to add Runes to your spell working.

Aquarius: Fights abound around the homestead because your Wiccan path may conflict with your partner’s visions of domestic bliss. There could be lots of confusion about future co-habitation plans. Don’t let your partner muddle your thinking and distract you from your Wiccan path. Be true to yourself.

Pisces: You have had a lot of financial anxiety in the recent past, but things are definitely looking to be better this month, when hard work possibly leads to a promotion and greater income and financial security. This is not a done deal yet, asks the Goddess for the best outcome and that it harm none.

Aries: You have been working on a project for some time now and all your efforts are about to pay off. But now you doubt your choices this would be the perfect time to start to meditate. Have faith in the Goddess as well as in yourself and go for it!

Tauras: You are carrying around a lot of inner-anxiety; hanging out with family or relaxing at home will be a good start but a well-planned spell will fill you with inspiration and dissipate your worries in the weeks surrounding the 22nd. You find a new altar piece and give you a lift.

Gemini: Undercurrents run deep. A Full Moon ritual will result in a turning point regarding a partnership. It could get spicy or dicey this all depends on how you want it to turn out. Emotional arguments carry weight and can work things up to the point you make wild promises. Figure out a workable compromise rather than doing something you may regret. Don't let someone cute talk you into bad behavior.