The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 18

Horoscope Monthly

By Lady Raven Draco

Cancer June 21 - July 22

You are the fourth house in the zodiac. The sun entry into Cancer begins the summer solstice.

Loyalty is probably your best trait. You will stand by your friends till the very end regardless of how things turn out.

Cancerians are not easily understood...some days you are gentle, kind, & considerate and the next you can be cranky and selfish. Some of this may be explained by the fact that you are ruled over by the moon and just like the moon has tides so do your emotions. What you see on the outside may not always be what you truly feel and this may be in part effecting how your spell casting turns out. Focus more on what you REALLY feel when working any kind of magick. Use you powers of perceptions when you need to know if someone is being truthful. You have excellent powers of observation and the slightest deviation in someone’s behavior you will pick up on. Cancer is called the $$$ sign because of its ability to attract wealth and when combined with your creative talent, it makes for a wonderful entrepreneurial venture.


Symbol: Crab Element: Water Metal: Silver

Color: Sea Green & Silver Herb: Lemon Balm Your Opposite: Capricorn

Lucky Day: Monday Lucky Number: 3 Scent: Frankencense

Flowers: Lotus Tree: Ash Bird: Swallow

Stone: Pearl Spirits: Hobgoblins and the Faeries of harvested crops

The Roman holiday (July 7-8) celebrating the Goddess Juno.

In Japan the full moon of July sees the O-Bon (Festival of Lanterns) in honor of the dead.

The Egyptian New Year fell in July, as did the Opet Festival (marriage of Isis and Osiris).

The Anglo-Saxons and Norse’s celebrate the Goddesses Cerridwen and Hel.