The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 17

Will it affect my own?

Will this upset a balance, or restore one?

What will the Rule of Three return?

Am I wise enough to handle what may manifest?

These and other questions are always important when entering into spellcasting. Never enter with fear, fury or in any sort of frenzy. If you need that power raise it in the circle, but always enter it calmly and with respect.

Always know the result you want. Keep it in mind and build your ritual around it. Gather items that personally represent what it is you seek to manifest. Gather photographs, stones, herbs and candles - make the magic yours. Write your charms and incantations in a way that clearly states what you want, how you want it and how soon you wish it to be. The faster it manifests - the more energy it will take. For those who do not require ritual or sympathetic items make certain that you have a clear image of the result you wish to create in mind as you enter and meditate upon what you wish to will.

Intention and will is 90% of magick - the other 10% is trusting that the universe will do its part.


This is one of the most important steps. Not only does it help the mind to turn towards proper casting, but it rids you of residual energies gathered throughout one's day. Everything and everyone you have come into contact with leaves this behind within your aural fields. Every conversation and move and object does the same to your sacred space.

Bath in salt water or use a ritual purification bath before you seek to purify your space. Then sweep the circle out, smudge and do whatever your tradition requires of you. I like to ring a bell as well to help with this process. Once this is done you can move onto the consecration of tools.


Anything that enters into the sacred space should be cleansed, smudged and blessed. This allows your sacred space to be untainted and ready for use.

Fate and Spell Weaving

There are some things which we cannot change - no matter how much we may try. Sometimes people and objects may not be meant to be part of our lives, and bringing them into it can create unexpected chaos and calamity - if we even manage to draw them to us.

Never tamper with freewill - never seek to try again if a spell has failed once - and never seek to change a person's fate. Instead, give the magick time and tell it to bring you what you need most.

If you receive what is unexpected meditate upon why this result was achieved.

Will and Spellcasting

Sometimes there is also the case of those who have strong shields, guardians or wills. When you cast again or for these people you may encounter a myriad of issues. Anything from ricocheting spells, backlash, attacks or nullified spells. If you are seeking to change another's life, they have to be willing to allow change to occur. It is a meeting of the wills or - in some cases - a battle of wills. This is how magick wars between people sometimes occur.

Always know what you are doing when you are casting, and never cast without first thinking.

Blessed be and may your circles be filled with love and light!