The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 16



Most of us have heard the adage "Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true." In the tale of the Monkey Paw this adage takes the form of a fable in which a family obtains an ancient and secret magickal artifact capable of granting three wishes - but these wishes go awry when their son is killed only to rise from the dead at the whim of his mourning mother.

Like the monkey's desiccated paw magic will take the path of least resistance using our words and intentions to manifest our desires.

But sometimes magic can go wrong.

In his Book of Shadows Gardner states that there are five essentials to working magick: Intention, Preparation, Purification of Space, Purification of Self and Consecration of Tools.

Often times we forget these steps, rushing into magick as though it were something to be merely commanded rather than respectfully directed. When we enter our circle - when we become one with the divine essence of the universe - we must come with pure and rightful intention. This is not saying to grovel before the powers that be - but rather to consider what influences your magick could have on the lives of others.

We must come in perfect love of the world and perfect trust in our own honour.

When spells go wrong often we can trace it back to the creator: the caster who set it free. Sometimes we can trace it to the strong will of a target and sometimes we can trace it to elements and words in a spell which have been "misinterpreted" by the cosmos (I often joke that the universe has a sick sense of humour when it comes to such things).

When you stop to do ANY spell work - be it big or small, grand or low - stop. Stop to look past the passions for a moment.

ntention and Preparation

What are your intentions - your EXACT intentions. Magick does not do well when the spectrum is too broad. Likewise, if you funnel it too much the magick may never work or work far too slowly having been stymied by desire. It needs wiggle room, but not too much or else it will vibrate out of your control.

Know exactly what it is you seek. Ask yourself these questions:

What possible harm could come from this?

How could this change my life and the lives of others?

Where will this result come from?

Why am I doing this?

Will this affect another's freewill?

Will it affect my own?

Will this upset a balance, or restore one?

What will the Rule of Three return?

Am I wise enough to handle what may manifest?

These and other questions are always important when entering into spellcasting. Never enter with fear, fury or in any sort of frenzy. If you need that power raise it in the circle, but always enter it calmly and with respect.

Always know the result you want. Keep it in mind and build your ritual around it. Gather items that personally represent what it is you seek to manifest. Gather photographs, stones, herbs and candles - make the magic yours. Write your charms and incantations in a way that clearly states what you want, how you want it and how soon you wish it to be. The faster it manifests - the more energy it will take. For those who do not require ritual or sympathetic items make certain that you have a clear image of the result you wish to create in mind as you enter and meditate upon what you wish to will.

Intention and will is 90% of magick - the other 10% is trusting that the universe will do its part.