The Spellery Vol 5 July 2015 - Page 13

Brain child of Heather Stratton, this brand new marketplace comes on the heels of bans and restrictions placed by other online shops and auctions.

An exciting and new venue, it is free to join and list and extremely user friendly for both buyers and sellers. Amaranth is a security secure site linked to paypal which will soon offer multi payment platforms in the near future.

When asked, Ms. Stratton states she started the site because we all needed a new home, a place where we felt we could sell our items without fear of bias, bans, restrictions, and one that offers longevity which is how she chose the name. Amaranth is a flowering plant that never loses it's petals. Ms. Stratton also believes there is no greater power than the one others think you do not posess and she is prepared to prove it with Amaranth Marketplace.

This marketplace offers many categories other sites do not giving the seller ease to list and the buyer ease to find what they are looking for. From A thru Z, Amaranth Marketplace will surely be the new home for a large portion of the newly displaced.

In a short time Amaranth Marketplace will go global by offering a home to international buyers and sellers as well as offering new and exciting storefronts and options for us all.

Visit Amaranth Marketplace today and come home!

** The Spellery is a proud supporter of Amaranth Marketplace

Welcome to the Newest Marketplace