The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 98

Six Vatican councils have certified the issuance of Templars involving hospital assistance (with official Extermination Decrees against innocent medicine and genuine aid to the poor) could be human beings — these calculations are documented shut down or destroyed. in bulls, all signed by popes. (1308 CE) Pope Clement V decreed a further (1252 CE) Pope Innocent IV was far from Papal Bull Fasciens misericordiam, which innocent when issuing Ad exstirpanda Papal Bull summarized the ghastly, inhuman and unholy on May 15, 1252. It explicitly authorized the use conditions by which the Vatican authorized the of torture for eliciting confessions from heretics unspeakable torture and murder of the Knights during the Inquisition. He unequivocally condoned Templar. the practice of executing heretics by burning them alive. The bull conceded to the State portions (1343 CE) Pope Clement VI published a bull of property to be confiscated from convicted declaring that in observation of the shortness heretics. The State, in return, assumed the burden of human life, he had reduced the Jubilee’s span of carrying out the penalty to the ‘crime.’ This was from 100 to 50 years; and in June 1346 he issued one of the clearest corruptions revealing the true another bizarre bull asserting that he had complete dynastic nature of the Vatican — dedicated to control and, indeed, power over ‘future life’ (heresy despicable deception and cruelty. of the entire Catholic doctrine). Additionally in this hubric Papal Bull he affirmed that he “could (1272 CE) Pope Gregory X issued a Papal Bull order the angels of heaven to liberate from purgatory banning the discussion of any theological matter the souls of any of them who might die on the road outside the church, under the penalty of extreme to Rome.” torture and death by being burnt alive. This The Papal Bulls’ Conquest with Slave Trade supremely malicious Roman Catholic Church law has never been officially repealed. (1400 CE) Pope Benedict XIII decreed in a bull (1302 CE) November 18th Pope Boniface VIII that it is a mortal sin not to leave (in a will) at issued a false statement in the Papal Bull Unam least ten percent of an entire estate to the Roman Sanctam when he wrote: “We declare, say, define, Catholic Church. and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be (1430 CE) Pope Martin V granted by Papal subject to the Roman pontiff.” This declared Bull rights to trade slaves in exchange for fees that there is no salvation outside the Roman to King John II of Castile, which pioneered a Catholic Church. legal framework for establishing one of the most profitable enterprises of the Roman Catholic (1307 CE) Pope Clement V issued a Papal Bull Church: international slave trade. Pastoralis praeminentiæ on 22 November, ordering that Knights Templar be arrested (1435 CE) Pope Eugenius IV, deliberately through in Europe, including the confiscation of their the Papal Bull(s) of Sicut Dudum, established possessions. Also, services provided by the the enterprise of international ‘legal’ slave trade page 96