The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 97

(1113 CE) Pope Paschall II established a new Papal Bulls Harden enterprise (military organization) known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John. This monastic (1198 CE) Pope Innocent III issued a Papal Bull order (Knights Hospitaller) was founded following declaring “anyone who attempts to construe a the First Crusade. personal view of God which conflicts with church dogma must be burned without pity.” Regarding Papal Bulls Develop humanity, this action so fundamentally goes against all principles of the basic rights and (1136 CE) Though already in use, Pope Innocence dignities of being human that it represents one I purportedly ‘invented’ the first Papal Bull, Omne of the lowest and darkest marks of history. Datum Optimum or ‘Every Perfect Gift.’ (1200 CE) Two years later Pope Innocent III (1146 CE) The Papal Bull of Pope Eugenius III published another Papal Bull granting church authorized the Second Crusade against all ownership of all wealth and property belonging to Muslims at Edessa. individuals convicted of heresy. This represents the birth of the all-powerful Arch-Bishops (Cardinals) (1155 CE) Pope Adrian IV issued Papal Bull of the Roman Catholic Church, who robbed Kings, Laudabiliter giving the English King Henry II Queens, and Princes to gain astonishing wealth. lordship over Ireland. Thus, Pope Adrian IV falsely claimed ownership to Ireland. “There (1212 CE) Pope Innocent III devised an is indeed no doubt, as thy Highness doth also inexcusable strategy by issuing a Papal Bull acknowledge, that Ireland and all other islands authorizing children to launch their own crusade which Christ the Sun of Righteousness has against Muslims. Parents released 200,000 children; illumined, and which have received the doctrines one-third died from the journey and one-third of the Christian faith, belong to the jurisdiction were taken by the Catholic Church for ritual of St. Peter and of the holy Roman Church.” satanic sacrifices – the remaining were sold to slave Henry invaded Ireland using the authority of traders for profit. Because the Papal Bull absolves this Papal Bull to claim sovereignty over the the Roman Catholic Church from all liability, island, forcing the Cambro-Norman warlords neither the parents nor sovereign nations can say and some Gaelic Irish rulers to accept him as or do anything about the dreadful act. their overlord. (1231 CE) Gregory IX formally issued a Papal Bull (1187-92 CE) Pope Gregory VIII endorsed the decreeing the burning of heretics and other church Third Crusade through a Papal Bull, declaring holy enemies as ‘standard penalty.’ This document war on Muslims in Jerusalem, and pagan Cathars represents the first time in human history that the and Jews in Europe. As a result, approximately satanic practice of burning people alive is made 1,000,000 lives were lost. an official law. Pope Gregory IX inserted into the papal registers…the death penalty for heresy…and issued a constitution in which he codified earlier papal legislation on the subject. I.T.N.J