The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 96

For the last ten years indigenous organizations and We turn now to history...looking back centuries natural law advocates have been working diligently to glean an underpinning for the ‘Doctrine of and passionately, requesting the pope revoke the Discovery’ rife with dire repercussions as a legacy Papal Bull-based Doctrine of crime against humanity. of injustice seeded by the Papal Bulls: According to the Romero Institute, some religions Early Phase of the Papal Bull have even joined in this campaign of repudiation against the Doctrine of Discovery: The Episcopal Church, Unitarian Universalist Association, Christian (367 CE) Pope Damasus I deliberately and Church, World Council of Churches, New York Yearly consciously usurped the natural principles of fair Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, and the justice through a Papal Bull declaring it heresy United Methodist Church. Several associations have to question the nature of Christ and other doctrinal called for reversal, including thirteen Catholic groups points as decreed at Nicea. This implied that started by the Loretto Community.6 heretics (including their family) could have their lands seized and be sacrificed through torture Continuing from Ms. Jacques’ article in The Sovereign Voice, Issue 3, an esteemed group of worldwide elders has been seeking an audience with Pope Francis to deliver a major missive that the Papal Bulls behind the Roman Catholic Church’s Doctrine of Discovery must be officially rescinded. The Long March to Rome gathering took place from 30 April to 4 May, 2016 in Florence, Italy, and culminated in a delegation of eleven indigenous elders meeting with Pope Francis to request that these three Papal Bulls be revoked, and issuing a joint statement to Pope Francis and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Steven Newcomb, a member of the delegation, shared and death. (650 CE) Pope Martin I issued a Papal Bull stating that anyone telling a slave to rebuff his master or leave from his service will be excommunicated as a heretic, liable to forfeit of all property with eventual death by burning. (1095 CE) Pope Urban II published a Papal Bull granting general amnesty for all convicts (robbers more of the journey leading up to this historic request. and thieves), so they would join an army to conquer Muslim lands. Pope Urban, in releasing this law, told an assembled mass of criminals: “Let those To further assist the scope of understanding, it’s who have hitherto been robbers now become soldiers.” convenient to divide our subject into time-periods, Additionally, he granted legal permission (to all while listing a few Papal Bulls. Some may not directly crusade participants) to the lawful theft of two- correlate to this fictional Christian ‘Doctrine of thirds of the property of Muslims with one-third Discovery’ although I’ve chosen to include earlier being paid to the church. In 1096, Pope Urban II ones (prior to the sixteenth century) to help portray also granted permission to hundreds of thousands an overall historic milieu. The Roman Catholic of priests, nuns, and former peasants (who heard Church’s egoist claims on territory are criminal, a about a ‘fabulous crusade for personal wealth’) to violation of natural law and sovereignty. And the follow the army of the first crusade because the cruelty proclaimed from the Vatican perpetrated bull’s division-of-riches also applied to them. on innocent people is also simply criminal. 6The Romero Institute page 94