The Sovereign Voice ITNJ Commemorative Issue - Page 95

surface of Christendom with its theological papal- articulation that redacted and consolidated imperial franchise patterning. Research points – at all corners protocol into colonial discovery. So, Marshall’s – to stunning revelations of severe oppression to our decision was a final codification of the Christian fellow sisters and brothers. Doctrine of Discovery. Subsequently for almost two centuries, citation to this case’s prominent outcome These genocidal, unnatural ‘laws’ provided an has been primary for federal and state cases associated ethical and legal justification for all Christian with Native American land-title disputes. explorers to confiscate any land and possessions from the inhabitants of ‘barbarous nations’ known as In other words, per United States property law in use non-Christians. This caused the barbaric killing or today, Native American nations are still subject to this displacement of Indigenous peoples, while their sacred ultimate authority of the ‘first nation of Christendom’ lands were raped and pillaged for the accumulation (based on the issuance of old Papal Bulls) to claim of wealth — and thereby, power — to the ‘holy’ possession of a given expanse of ‘discovered’ American Roman Catholic Church. Papal decrees evolved lands. This means that they don’t hold title to their into the discovery doctrine, which has become the own ‘discovered’ territory. Therefore, indigenous basis for our modern ideology of international law. people are still declared as only tenants ‘occupying’ The doctrine’s dimensional philosophy continues to their beloved ancestral homeland — bull! The negatively affect millions of Indigenous Peoples. widespread use of the antiquated, false Doctrine of Discovery in American law means that the U.S. is a In 1823, the ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ was actually vassal of the Vatican. Therefore, the Vatican actually adopted into U.S. law by its Supreme Court in a controls corporate entities such as the United States, notable landmark cas R6b( F6#R2f&7W&rFRF֖7G&FfR&GW2`FRǒ6VRF22WFFFVB&VƖvW27VGW&vVBSC2w&Frf"VW26W'BVF6'v2FB2&fFVBg&Wv&f 6VbW7F6R'6'6W'fVBFB6&7FfVV6r6FV&'Vv66FVV7GVWW&VF2B77VVB( VFFRF֖( B"Ɩ7FV662F&WBB&VƗ7F6ǐfW"FRG2bW&6GW&rFRvRbF66fW'( B66W2&R7F&VrFV6FVB&6VBFR&0BFB( 2W( F66fW'( ( 2FRF2B7B( FV"6FfVBV&ǒWFVVF6VGW'66FW&F2`&vG2F6WFR6fW&VvG2FWVFVBF2( F7G&F66fW'Bǒ&WFVB&vBb( 67W7( FV"G2खW76V6RFBV2WW&VvW"2vVBF22WfFVB2&V6VFǒ2#RGW&rR2&F6FFR6fW&VvGFBB( F66fW'2( 66R6Gb6W&bVFFFbWp&FR6W'B'VVBFB( VFW"FR( F7G&R`F2vǒfVVF66R&V6RFR7FF&BF66fW'( fVRFFRFFRG267WVB'F2vVf"f'7BזV"7GVFVG>( 7W'&7VV7BR2rFR67G2'&fVB&V6RfW7FVBFR6fW&Vv( 06626ƖFgrFRF66fW'F7G&^( 26Rf'7BFRF66fW&rWW&VFBFW"FP6&gr6FV&'&W'GrBv2&v7FFW2BFRVFVB7FFW2( PT6Gb6W'&bVFFFSCBR2r#RB